Hello wonderful readers and welcome to my very first blog post! Ahhhh this is so exciting! Now, for an introduction. where do I start?

My name is Jessica, I’m 22 and living in London, UK and I’m a Law graduate. However, let’s discuss what this blog is really about…FASHION, BEAUTY & LIFESTYLE! After months of back and forth and designing this blog to my liking, brainstorming and discussing ideas, I can finally say “it’s here!”

I have always had a love for fashion and beauty but never found the best place to express that; which is why in 2015 I somehow stumbled into the wonderful world of HF Twitter when it was just starting and it quickly became a community online that I adored. This pushed me into the direction of learning more about the fashion industry, the collections and designers and I never looked back.

As well as changing the feel of my Instagram and turning it into a platform where I can blog and create content. Recently I felt as though I wanted to do more and what better way to excessively talk about your passions to the world than with a blog? I had always been interested in starting a blog but never had the confidence to do it, but after university was over and I was in between jobs, I started to create content on Instagram and work towards expressing my opinions and love for fashion on my social media platforms.

As I said, the focus of my blog will be fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Fashion has always been something that went beyond just putting an outfit together. I truly got to express myself through the clothes I wear and I love the power you feel when you put an outfit together that makes you feel confident and good! Although I like to think my style is very simplistic and Parisian, I still love to experiment and try new pieces that I would not normally go for, and isn’t that what fashion is all about? Experimenting? Or maybe it’s finding your signature, statement pieces and building a whole wardrobe around them.

Beauty is also a huge part of my life. Having been able to try a huge variety of cosmetics and skin care products through brand work on Instagram, I am able to bring that part into my blog. I will aim to have a lot of detailed reviews and favourites of mine.

So, follow my journey on here and without any more hesitation, welcome to overdressedblogger and I do hope you enjoy it! ♡

Talk soon.


— Jessica

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